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Xinhe Kangyang town and Xinhe nursing home

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  During the planning and construction of the new area of the South Hospital, the first hospital of Qiqihar City, relying on the strong medical and nursing advantages of the South Hospital, guided by "several opinions of the State Council on accelerating the development of the elderly service industry", and taking "building a new engine of healthy Hecheng, building a dream of a new era of medical maintenance", the first hospital of Qiqihar prepared to build "Xinhe health care town" and "Xinhe nursing home" medical and nursing combined projects. The way of land use is to transfer land, covering an area of about 64884 square meters and a construction area of about 183094 square meters. Among them, Xinhe nursing home is 28779 square meters (360 open beds).

  Relying on the "Qiqihar first hospital group" with a wide area of radiation and diversified service capabilities, the project can meet the diverse medical service needs of the elderly. With the resource advantages of "connecting with the international standards", the project introduces the international concept of health care, introduces international health care technology and new projects, so that the elderly can experience the first-class medical services in line with the international standards. The area is equipped with business service, unit type pension apartment, comprehensive service building (Express Hotel), service center (club house), underground garage, underground pension service center, Four Seasons flower hall and other facilities, which can provide modern, intelligent and humanistic services for maintenance objects, such as life care, spiritual support, rehabilitation and health care, hot spring bath, etc It is responsible for the health status, psychological counseling, food and daily life, life care and other comprehensive services for the elderly in a 24-hour manner.

Planning and design scheme of Xinhe Kangyang town and Xinhe nursing home

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