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Continue to deepen the process of internationalization and speed up the cultivation of innovative talents —— FHQQ launched the international cooperation doctoral training project of innovative talents in 2020

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  In the era of economic globalization, the direction of hospital construction is closely related to the diversification of patients' needs. How to build an international hospital and how to improve the ability of medical services have become an important topic for medical undertakings and hospital management in China.

  Recently, Professor Chen Hong of FHQQ, a doctoral program of international cooperation for innovative talents in 2020, has been successfully approved by the State Council for study abroad (CSC), becoming one of the funded projects. Back in 2019, Professor Chen Hong, Secretary of the Party committee, President and President of the hospital, was granted the qualification of part-time professor and doctoral supervisor of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC). As a result, the first hospital has embarked on the "fast track" of jointly training doctoral students with the University of Tennessee.


  On April 20, Professor Chen Hong successfully held an in-hospital selection activity for the direction of Gerontology in China and the United States. Chen Hong, some members of the leading group and heads of functional departments formed an in-hospital expert qualification assessment team to attend the meeting. In line with the principle of "openness, fairness and justice", the selection adopts the method of "individual application, unit recommendation, expert evaluation, and admission by selecting the best". Based on the principle of "recruiting talents from all departments", we encourage those who meet the requirements of various departments to actively participate in the election. At the same time, we should strictly select the candidates to ensure that they have both political integrity and ability. It is reported that after the notice was issued, a total of 15 people from the hospital submitted applications for election. According to the specific selection conditions, the two people were finally determined to enter the final interview.


  At the meeting, Zhong Wei, director of the international exchange and cooperation management department and vice minister of the Ministry of science and education, introduced the background and significance of the training program, and elaborated the specific selection process and assessment content.

  Subsequently, Joana and another candidate entered the examination room to accept the expert group examination. Through question and answer, the assessment group evaluated the examinees' professional knowledge, foreign language level, innovation ability, scientific research experience and other aspects in an all-round and multi angle way, and fully communicated with the candidates on the project development, personnel training, academic exchanges and other contents.


  After careful and comprehensive consideration, it is finally determined that Joana meets the requirements for selection. After being approved by the State Council for study abroad, she will be admitted to the University of Tennessee to specialize in gerontology. If she meets the graduation requirements, she can apply for PhD.


  The reporter learned that, relying on the good cooperation foundation between the FHQQ and the University of Tennessee in the United States, this selection has created a number of "firsts": the first international cooperation program for doctoral students independently selected and allocated, and the first national study fund sponsored doctoral program selected by the first doctoral supervisor. This selection not only confirms that the achievements of international exchanges and cooperation of the first hospital have been recognized and concerned by the domestic and foreign industries, but also shows the solid steps taken by the hospital in promoting the development goal of international exchange and cooperation, and also promotes the implementation of the goal of "medical internationalization" of the first hospital. It marks that the hospital has expanded the international research vision in the relevant medical fields and accelerated the development of China's medical industry The process of international development has become a new breakthrough in personnel training. The hospital will take this opportunity to continue to improve the international talent training mechanism, strive to forge a group of high-level talents with international vision and international concept, promote the continuous flowering of medical, scientific research and teaching levels, and lead the medical level in the northwest of Heilongjiang Province to achieve high quality and achieve a new leap forward.